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Our Objectives

The objective of the 2019-2022 project led by Dr. Jack Pun and his research team is to broaden student self-efficacy in scientific English writing skills. With the help and coordination of nine Hong Kong secondary schools, the project facilitates genre-based learning through a science curriculum designed and administered by the project’s researchers and education professionals. This genre-based pedagogical approach embraces contextual and cultural specifications of English writing to enrich student creativity and critical thinking within the science field. In fostering genre-based learning, the project improves student performance through progressive English language instruction cohered with scientific reasoning and problem-solving methods, encouraging Hong Kong students of different ages and skill levels to participate in local and global scientific advancement. 


The project aims include:​

  • Enhancing student proficiency in communicating in-depth scientific ideas through English writing workshops using the genre-based pedagogical approach

  • Bolstering student dexterity of STEM subject by increasing students’ toolbox of language, learning, and evaluation skills within multiple cultures and contexts

  • Providing teacher support through effective and innovative English instruction methods that enhance student capacity to become self-directed English language learners and create a dynamic and social learning environment

  • Stimulating long-term student educational and career aspirations through confident English language practice and globally competitive standards of science and English performance

Dr. Jack Pun
Assistant Professor, Department of English
City University of Hong Kong

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Telephone: +852 3442 8870

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